Welcome to Energy Services
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Energy Services Ltd is a leading independent power and energy consultancy company based in Ireland. We draw on the combined experience of senior specialist professionals and have capability and expertise in all the core sectors of the energy field. Our services’ offering is modelled on the clients’ real world energy experience and requirements;

  • from how their energy is supplied – Energy Supply Side Services
  • to how their energy portfolio is bought and managed – Energy Procurement & Markets
  • to how their energy is consumed and managed – Energy Demand Side Services

Our business is founded on the strength of our technical expertise and our long-standing record of providing energy, power and carbon management consultancy and solutions to clients in Ireland and around the globe having completed projects in more than 30 countries to date. We do all of this in a systematic way and support customers in the development of energy management systems to ensure verifiable results. We assist clients to achieve certification of these systems according to international best practice, in particular, according to the ISO 50001 standard.

Our business sectors:

Energy Supply Side Services – We provide expert analysis and project management for a range of clients on the energy supply side. To international development agencies and financing institutions such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), we provide power transmission technical consultancy and renewable energy policy development support. To our industrial and commercial clients we provide advice and project implementation support on power engineering, supply optimisation, embedded generation options and grid integration.


Energy Procurement & Markets – An organisation should always be certain that they are paying the most competitive market price for the energy they use. If not, why not? We have a track record of providing cost-effective procurement, making significant savings for a wide range of industrial and commercial clients. Our service, examines the wide range of competing and complex market offers by creating a level playing field and applying our indepth knowledge of the market. This ensures that our clients are certain that they can identify the best offer on the table.


Energy Demand Side Services – How your organisation uses energy has direct impacts on productivity and profitability. Understanding energy use in all economic sectors means we can advise you on reducing your organisation’s consumption of energy while maintaining quality and productivity. We are experts in developing & implementing energy management systems to ISO50001, identifying and implementing cost saving opportunities, energy efficiency training, monitoring and targeting techniques and demand response amongst others.

Energy Services Ltd

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