Energy Services develops an innovative CHP performance optimisation tool.
In these current times of rising energy prices can you be assured that your Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant is scheduled and performing to its optimum? Many clients may not realise that their CHP unit may in fact be costing money rather than saving depending on the operation and run schedule of the unit.
This bespoke tool will enable clients with CHP plants to ensure performance is optimised. Our unique tool analyses all the continually changing key aspects in relation to CHP operational performance – fuel prices, electricity prices, regulated pass through charges, spark gap analysis, site requirements, unit operational parameters and efficiencies. This enables the client to adapt and make the correct decisions in relation to their CHP run regime. The tool can be adapted to suit the client’s decision making requirements, be they monthly or weekly decisions in terms of scheduling. The tool provides a simple and easy to understand financial performance chart for both day and night operation which greatly assists the decision making process.