Energy Services Ltd (ESL) is a leading independent energy consultancy providing expert energy advisory services to clients around the world from our offices in Ireland and Dubai. We draw on the combined experience of a team of specialist professionals and we offer capability and expertise in the three key areas of energy advisory supporting our clients to optimise;

  • how their energy is supplied – Energy Supply Side Services
  • how their energy portfolio is purchased and managed – Energy Procurement & Risk Management
  • how their energy is consumed – Energy Management Services

We draw on our teams deep technical expertise, understanding and track record in these three key areas to deliver robust and comprehensive organisation wide energy management strategies for our clients. Our capabilities within these core areas mean that we are uniquely placed to provide expert services in the energy field through our knowledge and understanding of the core pillars of the energy engineering sector. We draw on the capabilities of a wide range of experienced professionals including energy management/efficiency experts in transport/buildings/industry, renewable energy experts, power and electrical engineers, procurement & markets experts, energy policy specialists and legal & regulatory professionals. Our approach delivers organisation wide change in how our clients manage energy, and in the process delivers significant cost savings, reduced environmental impact, sustainable operations, enhanced stakeholder knowledge and increased brand value.

We have been providing expert energy advisory services since the year 2000, working with clients in sectors including government and public sector, utilities, multinationals, aviation, transport and logistics, manufacturing and industry, commercial, development and international financial institutions, on a truly global scale in over 50 countries to date.


Executive Directors

Cormac MurphyOperations Director – Senior Project Manager and Energy Consultant
Cormac Murphy is a Senior Project Manager and Energy Consultant with responsibility for Energy Procurement and Energy Management within Energy Services. He has procured energy on behalf of many of the largest energy consumers in Ireland also providing extensive portfolio risk management strategies towards optimising clients positions within volatile commodity markets. He has extensive experience of the energy industry in Ireland with particular focus on energy management including ISO50001, wind energy and other renewable and low carbon technologies. He also has an in-depth knowledge of policy and regulatory requirements within the wind industry and has acted as technical advisor in several wind farm project transactions in Ireland

Prior to Q1 2008 Cormac worked in management roles for a number of multinational manufacturing companies including Bewleys Ltd, Kostal GmbH and DePuy Johnson & Johnson Ltd in energy related roles. Cormac holds a BE in Process Engineering from University College Cork and a diploma in Business Management also from University College Cork.

Harry O' FarrellCommercial Director
Harry O’ Farrell is commercial director responsible for leading strategy and business development. He has over 13 years experience in engineering in the energy field in both the consultancy and construction sectors. He has a broad range of experience ranging from power, to energy management and energy efficiency, to procurement of energy. During this time he has led projects in these sectors for a range of public and private sector clients always delivering successfully.

Currently he leads commercial strategy and business development activities for Energy Services with specific emphasis on international markets, in addition to business development for domestic markets while also fulfilling project management activities. Harry has a strong background in power & energy engineering and he holds a Degree in Power Systems Engineering, is a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA), a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP), in addition to being a trade qualified electrician.