Strategic Energy Management

We develop and implement sustainable energy management strategies for organisations across a range of sectors by leveraging energy data analytics, smart technology, expertise and insights. These strategies deliver demand side energy efficiencies in buildings, transport and industrial energy use, supply side renewable energy integration, and enhanced financial performance through strategic energy contract procurement and risk management. This enables our clients operate their business more efficiently and sustainably. We work collaboratively with our clients to effect organisational culture change through our tailored strategies.

Our strategies focus on three key areas, drawing on our strong expertise and track record providing energy advisory services in the following areas;

1. How energy is consumed – Energy Management Services.

2. How energy is purchased and contracts managed – Procurement & Risk Management Services.

3. How energy is supplied – Energy Supply Side Services.

We work to ensure that our clients have a robust and comprehensive strategy, ensuring that their organisation is consuming energy as efficiently and sustainably as possible, that maximum value and cost savings are extracted from energy supply contracts, and also that energy supply infrastructure is optimised for green, sustainable and cost efficient operations.

Our Work